Services and process

Services and the design process

LH Jewellery repairs jewellery, designs and produces rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and all kinds of costume jewellery all the way down to ankle bracelets and toe rings.


Designing jewellery starts with the customer. In designing the key elements are used, materials and budget. If you wish a 3D-drawing of the design can be provided for you, which helps in visualising the finished product and the harmony of the chosen materials. We take all budgets into account and modify the entirety to suit you.


When choosing the materials it is essential to point out value and quality which you are expecting from the finished product.
The chosen materials reflect greatly on how the cost and how long the job will take to finish. Jewellery making is purely handwork.

The Final Resul

Finished jewellery is always a strong experience for both the customer and the jeweller. Thank you for choosing LH Jewellery for this journey.

Gift Cards

You can also buy a gift card, this way the recipient will get a product or service fitting their needs.
Watch the story of one gift card recipient here.